Medes College is a great place to learn new things, make new friends and take a leap towards your goals. You’ll learn from qualified instructors, the clients you work with and your fellow students. The fun you’ll have, the memories you’ll create and the friendships you’ll make will shape your confidence and guide you to a beautiful new career.
Corri veau SandrineI was living in La Sarre in Abitibi-Témiscamingue when I had to decide what career I wanted to pursue and what location I wanted to attend mypost-secondry education. I stopped on Medes College, especially because I've heard great feedbacks by a member of my family who lived in Dieppe.

Medes College`s website is very fascinating to look at, the pictures of the college and the Spa charmed me. The fact that the College is a private institution and that I could have the opportunity to improve my English while communicating with clients and students during practical was a big advantage for me. The college allowed me to learn and practice on the subjects I have passion for, gel enhancements and the discovery of all beauty treatments.

My career plan after my graduation is to open my own salon in a pharmacy I used to work at while I was at school.
brandon hiltsI chose Medes College over other institutions because of their great reputation, and for accepting me as a male student. I am now the first male to graduate from the full esthetics program. I enjoyed the environment; we always had what we needed to succeed. Client nights were my favourite; I started to have requests which were a great feeling! The staff are so well trained and passionate about their work that it makes all the difference. Everyone shows you the support you need to meet your own personal expectations! Medes provided me with a great referral to my on-the-job placement, and there I was hired. I felt like I had the attitude and skill set to succeed right away after graduation!
rachel renauldMy experience at Medes College has been amazing! Their team helped me build my own brand and, ultimately, support my dreams. They are hands-on and I owe my success to this reputable academy. I proudly proclaim my credentials as being part of the Medes family.
jenica bubarWhen I was looking for courses in esthetics, I visited a few schools in the Moncton area, but Medes College stood out the most to me. As soon as I met with the people at the College, I immediately felt welcomed. I had heard nothing but great things about the College so it seemed like a no-brainer for me to choose Medes. The teaching staff was great! They taught me the solid foundations I needed to succeed in my chosen profession. I was also fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to compete in regional, national and international skills competitions. I travelled to London, England with Team Canada for the international competition and brought home a bronze medal. I am so proud to have been able to represent myself, Canada and Medes College. Medes is a beautiful school and has so much to offer to those who wish to pursue a career in beauty therapy.

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