Choosing a college is a difficult task and choosing the right one is even harder. Before you dive into this life changing decision, you will first want to decide on your career path. We are here to help you make that decision, and to facilitate this process we invite you to attend one of our campus tours or make an appointment with our student admissions coordinator. It is a very small investment of your time considering the importance of the decision you are about to make.

What we have to offer you is an environment that is conducive to learning and your development. Factors that you may want to evaluate going forward in choosing your place of study are multi-faceted. Factors such as the excellent reputation of the school and how long it has been in operation, the quality and the experience of the instructors and how well the school is managed are all very important factors to consider. The location of the school; is it located in a safe neighborhood, does it offer good quality residential options at a reasonable price and will you be able to access nearby amenities? These are obvious things that one would consider when choosing a college and we are able to offer our students all of the above plus a very unique and unforgettable experience.

The beauty industry is booming and ever changing. It is a very demanding industry that requires many different skills. Great interpersonal skills being one of them. People skills are developed and refined by working and interacting with other individuals. At Medes College, we value and encourage student interactions with other students, instructors, clients and our Spa personnel. Medes College and Medes Spa have been coexisting at the same location since 2010 and it has proved to be a great synergistic relationship. By operating in this very unique way, we are able to offer our students a very unique experience, state of the art technologies that are current market trends and that our Spa customers are requesting. Every year Medes Spa facilitates the integration of esthetics students into the marketplace by offering a number of on the job training opportunities. Working very closely with our experienced Spa personnel and having been mentored by our experienced college instructors has proven to be a great way for our students to enter the workforce and be confident not only about their esthetics skills but also about their interaction skills with customers.

Kickstart your career at Medes College and join us for an unforgettable experience!

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