Dieppe, NB - I was approached in early 2015 by the managers and owner of Medes Centre to find out if I would have an interest in investing in the company. Since I have known Mr and Mrs Michaud for a long time, my brother and I decided to identify if this could be a new business opportunity. 

After making a proper analysis, we were able to confirm that the company had an interesting potential. The location of the business at the corner of Champlain Street and Dieppe Boulevard, as well as the architecturally innovative building, the synergies among the College and Spa, the fact that the company has been in service for more than twenty-five years, were all important factors in making our decision. What especially attracted us the most was the quality and dynamism of the team. This led us to believe that we had the key component to achieve and sustain the growth of the business.

Since the beginning of the year, a significant turn-around is underway. With the technology tools available, we plan to incorporate social media marketing and customer management programs to effectively target and meet the needs and desires of our customers. On April 15th, we will be launching a new website for the College followed by an Open House Event on April 30th. A new website for the Spa will be established this summer.

We are reviewing and assessing our services at the spa to ensure they meet our clients’ needs. New services will be added as well as adding business hours. We have implemented a customer loyalty program and a last-minute club offering discounts on short notice appointments. Other initiatives will follow.

Investors are both from Madawaska. Réjean Pelletier was co-owner of Imperial Signs, a company that was sold to the Pattison Group. As for myself, I belonged to a marketing agency for the Groupe Savoie and Boise AllJoist. Since the sale of our businesses, we have invested in a dozen of companies in diverse fields, besides the expertise gained in these investments, allow Medes to benefit greatly.

Medes Center is under new management, Mr. and Mrs. Michaud is now on their well-deserved retirement. I now assume the presidency and the leadership of the company, supported by Christine Bourque at the Spa, Julie Boudreau at the College and Jessica A.Whalen in Marketing and Admissions. It is on a solid foundation as we take over. We believe in the future of Medes and want to build a stable and prosperous company for our customers and our employees.

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Bertin Pelletier-President, Julie Bourque-College Coordinator, Jessica A. Whalen-Recruitment and Marketing Officer and Christine Bourque, Spa Coordinator