The Classic Lash Set Training from Madame Lash is the art of applying one extension per natural lash, also known as 1:1. This class will give you full understanding of this industry, as well as the skills to be amongst the highly paid professionals in the beauty industry. You need to be a licensed Esthetician to participate to our 12-hour training.

Schedule: 12-hour training

Date: TBD

*Licensed Esthetician Only

Fees: $849

Madam Lash Basic Lash Includes:
  • Student manual lash book 101
  • Class material
  • Certificate of completion

Training Overview:
  • Introduction of Eyelash Extensions, which includes a brief history of the developing method
  • The structure and shape of the eye
  • Safety regulations
  • Familiarity of the method of building lashes
  • Familiarity with the tools to create a perfect lash isolation, and implementing related materials and their usage.
  • The process of preparing the eyes for the application
  • How to choose the correct extension for the different type of eyes
  • The fundamental principle of lash building for all specific cases and modification
  • Correction of eyelashes
  • Careful and clever removal of extensions
  • The fundamental principles of eyelash extensions
  • Effective communication with customers and how to effectively build your lash business as a novice

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* Note: The Medes College reserves the right to change course curriculum, schedule, fees or to postpone classes if they needed.