Our Campus

Located in an architecturally innovative and modern building, the 7,600-square-feet campus is in walking distance to many student housing options, restaurants, fitness facilities and grocery stores.
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Student Testimonials

Sandrine Corriveau

Corri veau SandrineI was living in La Sarre in Abitibi-Témiscamingue when I had to decide what career I wanted to pursue and what location I wanted to attend mypost-secondry education. I stopped on Medes College, especially because I've heard great feedbacks by a member of my family who lived in Dieppe.

Medes College`s website is very fascinating to look at, the pictures of the college and the Spa charmed me. The fact that the College is a private institution and that I could have the opportunity to improve my English while communicating with clients and students during practical was a big advantage for me. The college allowed me to learn and practice on the subjects I have passion for, gel enhancements and the discovery of all beauty treatments.

My career plan after my graduation is to open my own salon in a pharmacy I used to work at while I was at school.